Special Inspection

Customize testing to your specific needs

The specific needs of your project are unique and need specialized attention to ensure your results are accurate and reliable. Put your confidence in our team to work closely with you to determine what types of inspections and testing methods are appropriate for your needs and perform these inspections to give you accurate, dependable results.

Choose from a range of methodologies

Each of our highly experienced inspectors is trained and certified by the International Code Council (ICC) and American Welding Society (AWS) in:

  • ICC reinforced concrete
  • ICC prestressed concrete
  • ICC structural masonry
  • ICC/AWS structural steel and welding
  • ICC spray applied fireproofing
  • Ultrasonic testing
  • Magnetic particle testing

Highway inspector

Having completed the required Utah Department of Transportation’s Inspector Quality Program, our staff highway inspectors have the expertise and skill to perform highway inspections tailored to your specific needs. We offer UDOT project inspections for:

  • Inspector Training General
  • Plan Reading
  • Survey
  • NHI Concrete Basics
  • Safety
  • Traffic Control
  • Crash Attenuator/Cushion Installation
  • Environmental and Construction Management
  • Partnering Phase I